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FAQ about the postponement of the central collective bargaining process

What does the postponement of the industrial sector collective bargaining negotiation until October mean?

Frequently asked questions

Sveriges Ingenjörer and the other trade unions and employers in the industrial sector have decided to adjourn the central collective bargaining process within the industrial agreement. This means that the agreements that run from 1 July 2017 until 31 March 2010 have been extended and now apply until 31 October 2020.

This decision will also have consequences for these collective agreements, but it has not yet been decided what will happen with them.

The state sector agreements do not have a fixed end date and this sector has not yet begun its negotiations. In municipalities and regions, the situation varies: some have concluded this year's negotiations, while others have not yet started. Negotiations with SKR, The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, on General Provisions have started.

This means that the current terms and conditions in the collective agreements continue to apply unchanged.

The guideline level will not be set until the contract negotiations resume in October.

No. Negotiations will resume on 1 October.

No. Elected representatives are not to initiate any local salary reviews or sign any local salary agreements. These have been postponed until after 31 October.
However, other salary adjustments in connection with change of service or new duties may be implemented.

No, our recommendation is that companies do not hold salary dialogues until there is an agreement in place. Having salary dialogues when the financial uncertainty is at its greatest is not appropriate.

We cannot answer that question at this time. It is a something that will be discussed when the negotiations resume this autumn.

The new Coronavirus and subsequent pandemic are putting the whole world under enormous pressure. The impact on Swedish society, industry and the corporate sector in general means that the social partners do not consider it reasonable, or even possible, to sign agreements. Sveriges Ingenjörer and the other parties wish to act responsibly, and we regard this as one of the strengths of the Swedish negotiation model.

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