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When will they realize I’m just faking it?

Are you new to working life and feel that you have no real clue what you’re doing? Well, you are not alone. This webinar discusses different ways to learn how to manage modern working life. What mistakes you needn’t make and how to handle the ones that you do make.

Datum: 23 september 2022
Tid: 13:30 - 14:30
Passar för: Förtroendevald, Medlem, Icke-medlem
Anmäl innan: 23 sep

We want you to have a good start to your career after all your hard work you’ve put in towards passing exams and writing your thesis. Welcome to working life – we want you to succeed!

During the webinar, you will learn about:

  • How to deal with performance anxiety/imposter syndrome
  • How to optimize your time management
  • How to become your best working self


This webinar is a part of "Akademikerveckan" which is arranged by Saco. If you have an academic degree, or if you study at university/university college– There is a perfect alternative for you amongst the Saco unions. The Saco unions in the workplace form "Akademikerföreningar", which our local union representatives represent. They negotiate with the employer regarding different agreements and what terms shall apply at your workplace. The Akademikerförening can also help you, answer different questions and give you support when you need it during your employment.

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Anders Rydell

Licensed psychologist

Anders Rydell, a licensed psychologist and specialized in organizational psychology, works as an organizational consultant focusing on health matters, conflict management, and team- and management development. He is also the author of the book “Arbetet på jobbet” which was published in 2021 and actively participates in the debate regarding the different challenges connected to working life.

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