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Negotiate your salary when changes are made to your job

Our jobs change and develop. Sometimes there are major changes, like a promotion. Sometimes they occur more gradually within your existing role. Such changes bring opportunities for you to negotiate about your employment conditions. 

Time to negotiate your salary

Have you been promoted? Or has the content of your job changed significantly? If so, you may be able to negotiate a higher salary. 

In the event of major changes in your work tasks or a promotion, you should take the opportunity to negotiate your salary. 

Major changes in your current position

Your tasks and your level of competence are not static. They develop to remain relevant and in line with your employer’s direction and goals. As an employee, this means that your areas of responsibility change, higher demands are placed on you and more complex tasks need to be carried out. 

Sometimes changes come gradually, and after a while the content of your job may have developed so much that your salary should also be increased. Perhaps you have received even greater responsibility in your specialist position or there are increased expectations regarding a specific competence? Tell your manager that you would like to renegotiate your salary when your job content changes. Don't wait until the annual salary dialogue.

Salary statistics when changing jobs in 2022

The salary statistics from Engineers of Sweden for 2022 show that those who changed jobs within the private sector, to another employer, received an average salary increase of 13 percent. Those who changed positions within the same company had an average salary increase of 11 percent. This can be compared to an average salary increase of 5 percent for those who did not change jobs. Within the public sector, salary increases were lower, but even here, the salary increase is significantly higher for those who changed jobs.

Give yourself a strong negotiating position - prepare

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