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Membership fees and how to pay them

Your membership fee may be paid monthly via direct debit, e-invoice or by payment slip quarterly or annually. 

If all the members of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers paid their membership fees electronically, this would make a big difference to the environment. The fact that it is also convenient for both you and us makes this a simple equation. So please choose an electronic payment option.

Pay by direct debit

Membership fees are deducted the last workday every month and monthly from your bank account automatically.

Arrange a direct debit as follows:

  • Direct debit via your Internet bank – log in to your Internet bank and request a direct debit 
  • Direct debit via a form – fill in the form and send it to us. 
  • Direct debit via – log in to your page and select autogiro (direct debit) as payment method. 

For retired members and students who are not members of the Akademikernas a-kassa, annual payment is applied irrespective of method of payment. 

Our bank giro number fodirect debit is 630-0024. 

Pay by invoice or e-invoice

Membership fees are invoiced quarterly for working members in January, April, July and October and once per academic year for students.

If you choose to pay by e-invoice, the bill will be presented to your Internet bank and all you need to do is approve it. All the data concerning your payment is already filled in.

How to do it:

  1. Log in to your Internet bank. 
  2. Request an e-invoice – follow the banks instructionsWe receive information from the bank concerning your notificationExactly how you receive e-invoices differs from bank to bank. If you have questions it is best to contact your own bank. 
  3. Whenever you log into your Internet bank you will receive information on new e-invoicesTake a look at them and then approve them for payment if they are OK. 

Your e-invoice will be delivered on the same date you previously received your paper invoice covering the same period of timethe only aspect that has changed when you choose an e-invoice is method of delivery. 

Members who choose to use direct debit may receive an advice slip and due date via e-invoiceThe fee period is the same as previously (month or full year). Payment advice is only sent out when the amount changes. 
If you change your mind later and do not want e-invoices, simply deregister at your Internet bank. 

Our bank giro number for invoices is 5303-6968
Our bank giro number for e-invoices is 626-3867

From the 1st of February we will introduce a billing fee of 35 SEK on quarter invoice sent by postal service.

Payment from abroad

For members who pay via foreign banks:

IBAN number: SE54 6000 0000 0004 6868 4751.
BIC code: HANDSESS. Our bank is Svenska Handelsbanken.
State your personal registration number and invoice number as payment reference.
Any bank/transaction fees are to be paid by payer.

What does membership of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers cost?

Membership fee SEK/month

Full memberSEK 240

Full member who graduated the previous year: SEK 120 

Full member who graduated the same year: SEK 60

Full member 65+: SEK 208  

Member employed outside the Nordic countries: SEK 120

Doctoral candidate: SEK 120

Reduced feeSEK 120  

Retired memberSEK 456/year 

StudentSEK 180/year 

Akademikernas a-kassa (unemployment insurance fund) SEK 130 /month 

Reduced fees

You may be entitled to reduced membership fees if you have been a full member paying the normal fee and: 

  • You become unemployed 
  • You are forced to take sick leave 
  • Your take leave of absence, for example for studies 
  • You take parental leave 

The precondition is that your average gross income for at least three consecutive months is a maximum of SEK 25 500 per month. 

Fill in the form for reduced fees and send it to the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. 

Overseas members

If you are employed abroad, outside the Nordic region, you can become an overseas member. You only pay half the full membership fee. Overseas membership also applies to those who have been a guest member in a Nordic country or in Australia for three years. Application for overseas membership must be made in writing and signed by you.

Doctoral candidate members

​As a doctoral candidate at a Swedish university or university college, you are offered a reduced membership fee for the entire period of your doctoral studies.

In order for those who are already members of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers to pay doctoral candidate fees, they must contact the membership service. The necessary information includes where you are doing your doctoral studies and during which period.

If you are not a member, you are welcome to submit a membership application in which you state that you are studying on a higher education program.

Pensioner member

Contact us when you retire in order to become a pensioner memberSickness benefits granted without time limit are also counted as a pension. 
Pensioner members enjoy, in principle, the same benefits as full members: 

  • The Ny Teknik magazine (ordinary price SEK 3175 per year) 
  • Advisory services 
  • Membership offers 
  • Participation in seminars and other union activities that are not specifically targeted at professional working members 

If you would like to leave the unemployment insurance fund before you are 65 you must apply to exit in writing. 


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