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Income insurance

All professionally active members of Engineers of Sweden and the Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment fund have our attractive income insurance protection included automatically in their membership.

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Legal support and guidance

Our skilled labour law specialists can help you solve indifferences between you and your employer through negotiations, including matters such as employment conditions, your right to compensation for an invention or wrongful dismissal.

Legal support and guidance
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If you become unemployed

The first thing you need to do if you become unemployed is to secure your financial situation. Here we present a summary of important things you need to think about.

Checklist and useful information

Quick FAQ about employment

We have gathered together the most common FAQs here with links to further reading.

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How to succeed in your salary dialogue

Do not underestimate the value of preparing yourself for your salary dialogue. Do not wait until you are sitting down with your boss, prepare in advance.

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Interview practice

Have you wondered which questions that's usually asked during an interview? As a working or final-year student member you can book a free interview training session.

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Ask the recruiter

Book a free consultation with a recruitment specialist that will prepare you for your next career move.

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Write your best job application

Your CV and personal letter must promote you and your skills. A good, clear design increases your chances of getting you a job interview. Members have access to free CV assessment, use it!

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LinkedIn profile review

Recruiters use LinkedIn to find and check up on candidates. LinkedIn is an excellent tool you are looking for a job and also for making contacts.

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E-learning: Self-leadership

Engineers of Sweden offers members a free e-course in self-leadership, giving you the tools and methods you need to lead yourself.

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New as a manager

Engineers of Sweden offers you our digital management school for new leaders to help you grow in your leadership role.

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Graduating with a doctorate

Everything you need to know about graduating with a doctorate.

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