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Good working conditions for engineers

Engineers of Sweden's collective agreement lays the foundation for sustainable working life by benefiting you financially and contributing to your career development. Here are some examples of the benefits members enjoy as a result of our collective agreement. 

Co-determination provides opportunities to exert influence

Thanks to our collective agreement, you and your colleagues have the right to transparency, co-determination and negotiation in good times and bad. Without this agreement, your employer would have unilateral decision-making power, which would have meant that individuals would have to fight for, develop and maintain their own working conditions. You can make your influence felt through our collective agreement.

Parental leave benefits that give more in your wallet

Thanks to our collective agreement, you get a greater percentage of your salary when you are on parental leave. In addition to the almost 80% of monthly salary of up to around SEK 37 000 that state parental insurance provides, we have negotiated that, for a few months, you will receive around 90% of the part of your salary that exceeds SEK 37 000. We are sure that this improves gender equality, as engineering parents are then able to share their parental leave more evenly. Would you like to know for how many months you can take parental leave with this additional incrementParts of your parental benefits are covered in our collective agreement.

Sick pay that does not ruin your finances

Thanks to our collective agreement, you get a greater percentage of your salary if you become ill, so you don't have to worry about your finances as well. During the first 14 days, sick pay is 80% of your salary (minus qualification deduction). From the 15th day, we have negotiated that you will receive 90% if you earn more than SEK 27 000 per month. Read more about sick pay in our collective agreement

Occupational pension that provides security

Thanks to our collective agreement, funds are regularly allocated to your occupational pension. For those who earn more than the state pension earning cap (currently SEK 37 063 per month), this will form a significant part of your future income. Without your occupational pension, you probably would not feel you had enough to live onWould you like to know how much has been allocated to your occupational pension? Read more about your collectively agreed occupational pension.

Salary negotiations that enable you to be valued as highly as you deserve

Thanks to our collective agreement, your salary is determined in a special negotiation between you and your salary setting manager. The starting point for the discussions - and salary increases - is your performance, your responsibilities, your skills and your experience. The collective agreement lays the foundation for these salary criteria and thus provides a certain arena for your negotiations. 

This is how collective agreements work 

Flexipension that gives you choices

Thanks to our collective agreement, many engineers have flexipensions, which means an extra provision for their occupational pensions each month. Of course, this benefits their finances as pensioners. In addition, flexipensions offer the opportunity to work part-time from 60 or 62 years of age. At the same time as your own freedom of choice increases, this contributes to sustainable generation change in the workplaceRead more about the collectively-agreed flexipension (in Swedish only).

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