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Ask the recruiter – the specialist in your industry

Book a free consultation with a recruitment specialist and learn about what different industries currently need, how the labour market looks and what employers are looking for in addition to qualifications and experience. Our recruitment consultant will give you valuable tips and advice that will prepare you for your next career move.

Whether you are new to the labour market or have been working for a while and are thinking of changing jobs, a meeting with an engineering recruitment specialist is an invaluable way to get a picture of what skills are in demand and how managers and recruiters think during a recruitment process.

This benefit is included in your membership and is offered in collaboration with Qrios Life Science & Engineering, a member of the Poolia Group. Qrios helps companies and authorities to recruit engineers, and their recruiters all have either a background in engineering or long experience of recruiting for companies in the technology sector. They have deep and broad knowledge of the job market for engineers and can give you advice focused on the industry you are interested in.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some examples of questions that the recruiter can help you to answer:

  • What does the labour market look like in different engineering industries?
  • What skills are in demand right now and in the future?
  • What are employers and recruiters in the technology sector looking for?
  • What do recruiters and managers think about when selecting candidates?
  • What are the key requirements besides the right basic education – experience or personal qualities?
  • Do I have to fulfil all the requirements in a job advertisement?
  • What routes to work are there?
  • Could there be a need even if the employer is not advertising right now?
  • Is internship employment (for recent graduates) a good way in?
  • How important is LinkedIn when looking for a job?
  • How can I move to a different industry?
  • Which industries offer the greatest employment opportunities?
  • What skills are employers looking for? What do employers in different industries need?
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