Sveriges Ingenjörer

The Union for Engineers

Student, professional engineer or retired - we are with you all the way. If you are a member of Sveriges Ingenjörer, we provide you with a range of tools to support you through your working life, whether you are about to enter the labour market, want to grow and develop in your current role or feel you are ready to take the next step.

Who can become a member?

You are eligible to join Sveriges Ingenjörer if you have qualified as or are studying to be a:

  • Master of Science in Engineering at a Swedish higher education institution
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering at a Swedish higher education institution
  • Bachelor or Master of Science in Technology at a Swedish higher education institution

For those with other qualifications, you can become a professional member if you:

  • Have completed at least 165 higher education credits (110 credits in the pre-2007 system) within one of the educational fields above
  • Have a degree from a foreign higher education institution that corresponds to a Swedish qualification listed above
  • Have an academic technical-natural science degree of at least 180 higher education credits (120 credits in the pre-2007 system)

If you are unsure about whether your education entitles you to membership or if your qualification is not one of the options available in the application, you are always welcome to contact us. Full terms and conditions can be found in the Sveriges Ingenjörer statutes.

What does the membership cost?

We know that there many different things can happen during one's working life. You can therefore apply for a discounted membership fee, for example, or for an overseas membership. You can find information on all our membership fees here.

Why should I be a member?

We are here for engineers. We know your industry, education and work environment better than any other union. Whether you are a department manager, self-employed or a CEO - no matter where your career takes you, we can provide support throughout your career as an engineer. We give our members tools that support and develop them you in their professional lives, whether they are about to enter the labour market, want to grow and develop in their current roles or feel they are now ready to take the next step. We look after the interests of engineers. We give you support when you need it and negotiate on your behalf. We sign collective agreements, where everything is included, from general terms and conditions to issues surrounding parental leave. And of course, we also provide support for members who work at companies without collective agreements.

How do I switch to Sveriges Ingenjörer?

If you are already a member of another trade union and want to switch to Sveriges Ingenjörer, just follow the steps below. This is especially important if you have previously been covered by collective income insurance.

  1. Submit a membership application to us. You can become a member from the first day of the month in which the application is received by us. Apply for membership here.
  2. When you have received confirmation from us that you have become a member, contact your current trade union and request to leave. Should you not be able to leave your current association until some point in the future, contact us and we will ensure that you do not have to pay double membership fees.
  3. If you are not already a member of the Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment insurance fund, you either need to switch to that unemployment insurance fund or become a member. Read more and apply here.

If you have been covered by an income insurance in another association, that period can normally be credited towards the qualifying period for our income insurance, provided that there is no gap between joining Sveriges Ingenjörer and leaving your previous union.

Under certain conditions, you can count insurance coverage periods in private income insurance as qualifying time for income insurance through Sveriges Ingenjörer and as qualifying time in our supplementary insurance.

Contact Akademikernas Inkomstförsäkring for more information: 0770-78 20 50 or

If you continue to work after your 65th birthday, your membership fee will automatically be adjusted to SEK 204 per month at the end of the month that you turn 65, as you are no longer covered by our income insurance. Your membership status remains otherwise unchanged. Read more about your membership benefits.

Your engineering career starts during your studies. Your membership fee is invoiced annually.

If you are also a member of the Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment insurance fund, you can pay that membership fee (SEK 130 per month) through Sveriges Ingenjörer. Read more about the unemployment insurance fund.

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