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How Can We Trust Self-Driving Cars? Using Robust Techniques in Modern Software System Design

Our world has become a network of connected software systems, which communicate with each other and control physical systems. Attended a seminar in english with Professor Marjan Sirjani.

Datum: 23 februari 2023
Tid: 17:30 - 20:00
Passar för: Medlem, Icke-medlem
Celsiussalen, Citykonferensen
Anmäl senast: 22 feb

Soon we will see autonomous cars whooshing around, interoperable medical devices monitoring and controlling the health of patients and collaborating robots interacting with humans without separating fences. These systems are generally concurrent, distributed, and dynamic, with critical timing properties. In this talk, an approach for formal verification of such interoperable systems and analysis of their timing properties will be presented. We use an easy-to-use actor-based language, Rebeca, with formal verification support. This seminar reflects on how we used this language and its toolset for timing analysis and safety assurance of different systems, such as Network on Chip architectures, sensor network applications, network protocols, and medical interoperable systems.


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Marjan Sirjani

Professor of Software Engineering at Mälardalen University

Marjan has been working on modeling, formal verification, and safety and security assurance of distributed, self-adaptive and cyber-physical systems. Marjan and her research group designed the actor-based language Rebeca in 2001 and are pioneers in building model checking tools, compositional verification theories, and state-space reduction techniques for actors. Marjan has been the PC member and PC chair of several international conferences including SEFM, iFM, Coordination, FM, FMICS, SAC, FSEN, and DATE. She is an editor of the journal of Science of Computer Programming. Marjan collaborated with different companies including Volvo CE, Volvo GTO, Volvo Cars, and ABB Robotics.

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