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AI and Robots – History and the future

Can robots work together with humans and interact, learn from us, and teach us to focus on the right things? Learn more in this webinar with Amy Loutfi, Professor of Information Technology at Örebro University.

Datum: 17 mars 2023
Tid: 12:00 - 12:45
Passar för: Medlem, Icke-medlem
Anmäl senast: 17 mar

Amy Loutfi has a long experience in research on how we can collect data and with help from AI use the information in Human Robot Interaction. Attend this webinar to learn more about the subject.

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Amy Loutfi

Professor of Information Technology

Amy Loutfi is a professor in information technology at Örebro University. She leads the research group AASS Machine Perception and Interaction Lab and is pro-vice-chancellor in AI and Innovation.

Anna Klaesson

Recruiter and moderator

Anna Klaesson works as a recruiter at Engineers of Sweden and has a broad experience of recruitment through visibility and campaigning. Anna continuously trains our elected representatives to make them more successful in recruiting new members.

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