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Presenter Mastery with David JP Phillips

Do you want to become a better speaker and make people listen to you? In this webinar the well-renowned speech coach David JP Phillips talk about how you can become a pro at presenting.

Datum: 16 februari 2024
Tid: 12:00 - 13:00
Passar för: Chef, Egenföretagare, Student, Förtroendevald, Medlem, Icke-medlem
Anmäl senast: 16 feb

Do you want to get better at giving presentations that people remember? This webinar is your chance to learn from David JP Phillips, a speech coach who's famous for his three TEDx talks on presentation techniques.

In his lecture, he'll explain how the brain works when it comes to presenting. He's drawn a lot of his material from a study where he looked at 5,000 speakers and identified 110 important communication skills. This presentation will give you valuable insights, some good laughs, and practical skills and techniques to enhance your presentations!

David JP Phillips

Speech Coach

David JP Phillips is a speech coach and keynote presenter who specializes in presentation techniques. He has become a well-known speaker thanks to his three TEDx talks, which have garnered more than five million views, and in 2020, Global Gurus ranked him among the top 20 in the world on their 'Top Communicators' list.

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