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Questions and answers about Covid-19

What does the suspension of the compensation-free sick leave period mean in practice? Can I travel abroad? You can find the answers to these and other frequently asked questions about the coronavirus here.


The effects of the new rules on reduced hours lay-offs

We explain the new rules on reduced hours lay-offs for employees and employers.

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For members who are studying and receiving study finance

The government has announced that you may retain your student financing even if your school closes due to the new coronavirus. The government recommends that all upper secondary schools, adult education, vocational colleges and universities in Sweden cease teaching on school premises.

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For elected union representatives

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Keep yourself updated

We recommend that you listen to and read the instructions about the coronavirus that you from employers, authorities and Sveriges Ingenjörer. Useful and reliable websites for up to date information within their respective subject areas are

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs - for information on travel

The Swedish Public Health Agency’s page on Covid-19

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