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New as a manager

Are you new to the role of leader? Would you like to develop your skills in leading yourself, others and your organisation? Engineers of Sweden offers management training for new leaders, giving you unlimited access to our digital management school for 12 months to help you grow and develop in your leadership role.

Times of change and unpredictability place high demands on leadership, and Engineers of Sweden wants to support you in your role as leader. This membership benefit is aimed primarily at managers who are new to their role and is offered in collaboration with Kompetens Express.

The training normally takes around 6–8 hours, but you are of course free to choose how much time you want to spend on it.

A course in three parts

The course provides a thorough review of your skills divided into 19 shorter chapters. It gives insights into areas such as coaching, feedback, management by objectives, prioritisation and team development, whether you are completely new to management or already have experience of leadership. You can complete the whole course or just choose the elements that are most interesting and relevant to you.

The Engineers of Sweden digital management school is divided into three parts:

  • Leading yourself
  • Leading others
  • Leading the organisation

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