Digitalization of industries through 5G

To stay competitive, industries need to continuously improve their processes through new innovations. 

This is made possible through digitalization of industries, often called Industry 4.0, where 5G is a key component. Compared to 4G, which improved mobile broadband to something nobody can manage without, 5G provides adaptations to industrial requirements through lower latency, higher throughput and improved positioning.

Digitalization of industries include for example automation and remote control, where these capabilities are essential. In this presentation we provide insights in the actual 5G technology and demonstrate how this technology is being used and will continue being used to digitalize the industry

Short introduction to 6G
In about 10 years there will be a new generation of cellular systems. Designing this next generation is very much an engineering activity. We first estimate requirements for the anticipated services, the probable users of the services and the network capacity needed to support all the traffic. The numbers are then compared to our current systems. Can we tweak or improve the system we have today and accommodate the expected traffic or do we need something else?

What makes this process especially interesting is that it is difficult to know what society will look like 10 years from now; many services have not even been invented yet. Hence, we need to look into the future, and not only at technology but also at society, to come up with requirements. This presentation is about this work and describes some of, in my opinion, the most interesting issues.

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Stefan Wänstedt


Stefan Wänstedt
Senior researcher at Ericsson

Stefan Wänstedt, PhD, a Senior researcher at Ericsson Research, works part of the time with developing  the standard for simple “cellphones” that can be used, e.g.,  as industrial sensors. The remaining time work is aimed at studies of the next generation of mobile systems.



Sara Sandberg


Sara Sandberg
Master researcher at Ericsson

Sara Sandberg, PhD, a Master researcher at Ericsson Research, works with 5G and digitalization of industries. Her focus is on collaboration with industry partners and evaluation of 5G in industrial scenarios through simulations and trials.



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