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Negotiate your salary in your salary dialogue

If your employer has a collective agreement, you have the right to an annual salary dialogue. In other cases, the right to salary dialogues may be regulated in your employment contract.

If you prepare properly for your dialogue, there is a greater chance that you will get the salary increase you want. Here are some suggestions of what to think about ahead of your salary dialogue. 

Preparing for your salary dialogue

Build a good salary dialogue

What factors affect my salary development?

  • Being good at your job and the boss knowing what you do.
  • The salary agreement, if your workplace has a collective agreement.
  • The employer's financial situation and conditions for salary setting.
  • The salary levels in the market and competition to retain and recruit engineers.
  • Preparing for your salary dialogue and arguing for the salary increase you want.

Before your salary dialogue, it is important that you prepare so that you can be specific and provide good arguments. The key factors are your work and results during the year and how your performance and goal fulfilment correspond to the salary criteria in the workplace.

Who is responsible for my salary development?

Different parties have different responsibilities in the salary review process:

How to succeed in your salary dialogue

Hand on heart before your salary dialogue: Are you doing a good job? Does your boss know? Have you prepared thoroughly?

The salary agreement is the foundation

Salary agreements differ between different collective agreement areas. But what they have in common is that they give you the right to an annual salary dialogue, and they also set the framework for salary setting at the workplace.

Basic principles set out in the salary agreements include:

  • Salary formation takes place locally at the workplace.
  • Salary setting takes place between managers and the employees who report to them.
  • Salaries are to be differentiated and individual.
  • Discriminatory or unreasonable pay differences are not allowed.
  • Employees must know the criteria on which their salary is set and what they can do to increase their salaries.

Find your collective agreement here

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