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Negotiate your salary when you change jobs

The best way to increase your salary is to change jobs. The average salary increase for those who changed jobs in 2022 was 13 per cent. Those who did not change jobs received an average salary increase of 5 per cent.

The job market for engineers is very healthy. There is great demand for engineers. When you change jobs, you have a strong negotiating situation and good conditions to raise your salary. With increased opportunities to work from home and remotely and record low unemployment for engineers, you have a good starting point for both changing jobs and being able to negotiate a good salary.

Change jobs, develop your skills and raise your salary

There are so many reasons to change jobs. No matter what your reasons are, we know you will get a higher salary. Changing jobs is one of the best ways to increase your salary. 

Salary statistics when changing jobs in 2022

The salary statistics from Engineers of Sweden for 2022 show that those who changed jobs within the private sector, to another employer, received an average salary increase of 13 percent. Those who changed positions within the same company had an average salary increase of 11 percent. This can be compared to an average salary increase of 5 percent for those who did not change jobs. Within the public sector, salary increases were lower, but even here, the salary increase is significantly higher for those who changed jobs.

Strong negotiating position when changing jobs

If you change jobs, you have great prospects for improving your salary. It is important that you prepare for a discussion about your salary so that your demands are in line with the market level in the sector.

The employer's salary proposal will be based on the current salary levels at the workplace and will be linked to how sought-after your skills and experience are. Before you accept a new salary, check the Saco Lönesök database, which contains statistics on the salaries of 74,000 engineers. This will help you to assess whether the employer's proposal is in line with the current market level. Create room for negotiation with your salary demand. The 90th percentile in the salary statistics may also be a reasonable market salary for you. Use the salary statistics.

If there are union representatives at the workplace, they may be named in the job advertisement. Contact them to find out more about the salary level. You can also contact Engineers of Sweden’s member support service if you are unsure about what the market rate is is and what salary level you should ask for.

What salary should you ask for when you apply for a new job?

Here are some tips on what salary you should ask for when you apply for a new job. 

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