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Negotiate your salary when you change jobs

The best way to increase your salary is to change jobs. The average salary increase for those who changed jobs in 2022 was 13 per cent. Those who did not change jobs received an average salary increase of 5 per cent.

Change job and increase your salary

Negotiate salary with job changes

Our jobs change and develop. Sometimes there are major changes, like a promotion. Sometimes they occur more gradually within your existing role. Such changes bring opportunities for you to negotiate about your employment conditions.

Opportunities to negotiate

Negotiate your salary in your salary dialogue

If your employer has a collective agreement, you have the right to an annual salary dialogue. In other cases, the right to salary dialogues may be regulated in your employment contract.

Advice for your salary dialogue

After your salary dialogue

Here are some tips and advice on what you should think about after you have had your salary dialogue with your manager.

Plan for good salary development
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