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Summer job or extra-income jobs while studying

Working during your studies is a great way to gain useful experience and earn some extra money at the same time. Here we have gathered together our best tips and support for students looking for a summer job or an extra-income job.

A summer or extra-income job may be your first contact with the working world or your first experience of the engineering profession. In addition to achieving a more content-rich CV, it also provides you with practical, valuable work experience.

Many companies and organizations like to hire students for temporary jobs. For employers, it is an opportunity to gain access to fresh knowledge and new ideas while at the same time getting in touch with possible future employees.

Even if your summer or extra-income job is not in line with your qualifications or what you plan to do after graduation, it is valuable merit. You gain new knowledge and experience by working, taking responsibility and cooperating with colleagues and managers. Take this period at work to develop yourself and to build up your contact network for the future.

Achieving a secure employment situation

When you get a summer or extra-income job, it is important that you know what you are expected to do in the workplace, as well as how you are covered by insurance, etc. in your employment. This should be stated in your employment contract, which you must make sure you get in writing from your employer.

Find out if the workplace has a collective agreement or not. This affects factors such as overtime pay, sick pay, and insurance. If you are unsure of what applies in your particular workplace, contact the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers Helpline.

The Helpline can also assist you with other things that you are unsure about at your work, such as questions about employment conditions or salary.

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Salaries for summer or extra-income jobs

When looking for summer or extra-income jobs, it may be difficult to know the salary you should be paid for your skills. The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers' recommended starting salary can be a good tool in this case.

Every year, the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers produces a recommended starting salary for newly-graduated masters and bachelor of engineering. This recommendation is based on annual salary statistics. When negotiating a salary for summer or extra-income jobs, start with a percentage of the recommended starting salary according to the table below.

For 2019, the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers recommends that Masters of Engineering request at least SEK 34 500/month and Bachelors of Engineering at least SEK 32 600/ month in entry-level salary. Read more about entry-level salary here

Useful benefits

Student members of the Association enjoy several benefits that can be used both before and during summer or extra-income jobs.

A good, clear CV increases your chances of getting the job you want. As a member of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers, you have access to free CV assessments. Get tips on how to create a winning application and book your CV review here.

What does an engineer earn in your future industry and professional role? Find out about our unique statistics, based on 70 000 engineering salaries

Starting-level salary may be decisive for future salary development, but it may be difficult to know how much is reasonable. Read all about entry-level salary here

Our advisors are your expert support and help in everything that concerns your working life and employment. Please ask us when you have questions about, for example, terms, salary or contracts. Contact the membership service

We help you review and assess terms before you sign your employment contract. Log in and get help from us for secure employment.

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